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I spent quite a bit of my summer months as a youth with my grandfather. He split his time between living with my family in Florida, staying with my aunt and at his own place, both in Georgia. The trip up from the Sunshine State to the Peach State was usually made with my brother in my Papa’s gold-brown Cadillac with no working air conditioning.

At the time, all I could focus on was the heat, length of our trip and when we got to stop for a break. Now, I look back fondly and remember coloring in the back seat with my brother and playing with dollar store toys that kept us occupied for a substantial amount of time. Getting up to the property was always an adventure in one way or another, but the real fun came the next day when we got to play outside and explore.

Now that I’m living on the West Coast, sometimes I want to get back that feeling of being 8, running around outside in the hot Georgia summer sunshine and coming in for lunch. Enter today’s mid-meal [for me; Chaz was at work]:

The Tomato Sandwich


Tomato, Onion, Kale & Vegenaise on Sprouted Whole Grain Bread

This is a bit more sophisticated in terms of taste as I added kale and raw onions to the mix. Fresh cracked pepper and a smidgen of Celtic sea salt top the tomatoes with Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise spread on both pieces of the sprouted whole grain bread. Growing up, this sandwich was made on white bread with full fat mayonnaise, big hunky slices of tomatoes and salt.

I’m happy I am able to enjoy this same basic sandwich from my childhood, with a few tweaks of course. 



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