Review: Pacific Natural Foods Hazelnut Chocolate Vegan Beverage

I’m skeptical of replacement chocolate milks. I haven’t had much luck in finding a vegan version of one of the things I had a hard time breaking away from. Either it was the consistency, taste or both that always seemed to turn me off.

Alas, today things have changed for me in the “Hunt For The Greatest Vegan Chocolate Milk!” as I have so lovingly dubbed it.

When I saw this in our cart at the store, I admittedly rolled my eyes a bit at Chaz. I caught myself being closed minded about trying something new without even buying it first! Needless to say now, I’m so glad I tried it.

To try and make up for being so obviously turned off by trying another choco milk replacement, I decided to treat it with some respect and give it an honest go. I used a real glass instead of some lackluster plastic molded container. I devoted all of my attention to really tasting the flavor, trying to notice subtleties in texture and then promptly comparing those results to my memory of cow chocolate milk. I sat down at the kitchen table, felt the weight of the glass in my hand and sipped at it at first.

It wasn’t watery! That was the first pleasant surprise. The second was that it had an authentic chocolate taste to it. Imagine that! The only negative [and that’s really for lack of a better term] was that you really have to shake it up well. It looked a little weird to me in the glass the first time I drank it but I’m convinced now that it was due to the lack of shaking. All in all, I’m sold! Score another for being vegan!


Hazelnut Chocolate Vegan Beverage from Pacific Foods

This may sound silly to some people, but the difference between shoveling food in your mouth and drowning it all in whatever you happen to be drinking and actually paying attention to what you’re nourishing [or not nourishing] your body with is phenomenal. I think we’ve all become so inundated with personal, friend and family drama, the latest technology, gadget, etc. we’ve lost sight of the simplest things.

When’s the last time you really enjoyed something simple like a cup of your favorite drink, whatever it may be, in a real glass, sitting at a table and doing nothing else?


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