Convenience Won

This is what I ate for my mid-meal:


Pad Thai Noodle Soup

No, I did not cook this from scratch. It came from Dr. McDougall’s vegan soup-in-a-cup line. We had this leftover from North Carolina when we bought a bunch of them as quick go-to meals for lunch during the busy season at the farm. Seeing as how yesterday was a complete sandwich day, I wanted something equally quick and easy. Thus, I proceeded with the convenience food.

Chaz and I normally do not indulge in convenience foods. We feel they are generally overpriced and we can make much better with fresh ingredients. I remember eating these in North Carolina and thinking they were delicious. I was thoroughly surprised this afternoon, however, when it really fell short on not only taste but texture too. I’m glad that was the last cup.

I believe the raw food detox I just finished has cleaned up my taste buds a bit. I’m really sensitive to salt and sugar now. This is not a bad thing as it doesn’t take much in the way of seasonings to satisfy any kind of mood my mouth is in. Now I can’t wait to see what Chaz cooks for dinner tonight. That is, if he’s not too tired to prepare something. If he is, it’s up to me!


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