My Newfound Love

I made last night’s dinner and it was so delicious, I was slacking when it came to taking pictures! All I wanted to do was eat it up…and I did. We both did! Before last night, whenever Chaz made anything curry, I always thought that the flavor of the powder was a little too strong. But, not wanting to give up on this golden spice, I decided to add it in to the dish at the last moment. I’m ever so glad that I did.

When you share a relatively small kitchen with four other people, it can get kind of crowded in there when you’re not the only one cooking. I had every intention of cooking the fresh beets we bought yesterday, but I felt pressured for time. So I used the beet greens instead. I also had a giant can of chickpeas [like the giant can of pinto beans I used the other night] I felt I should use up before going out and buying their dry counterpart. Along with the beets, we also bought a yellow bell pepper so I used half of that.

My three food counterparts and I stared each other down in the kitchen for probably about 3 minutes before I decided what to do with them. I threw the bell peppers that I cut into matchsticks and the chickpeas in our wok, added some liquid aminos, a couple of dashes of sesame oil and some fresh cracked pepper and put it over medium heat. They started to cook but the aroma wasn’t as inviting as I thought it would be. It didn’t smell bad, but it didn’t really smell good either. Just sort of neutral.

I personally like flavor and I felt like this wasn’t going to cut it in that department. So once I threw the beet greens in to wilt them down, I was looking around the kitchen to see if anything struck my fancy. Lo and behold, the huge can of curry powder caught my eye. I asked Chaz to grab it for me and to put some in the wok. At first, I thought I made a mistake when I let him discern just how much to put in the recipe. But once everything was mingling and conversing with one another in the wok, the resulting smell was incredible! I couldn’t believe just how excited I was to eat curry.

When I plated up dinner, it looked rustic and hearty. The chickpeas started to breakdown, releasing this starch that combine with the beet greens and peppers well. And the first bite? AMAZING. Hands down the best thing I have ever cooked. Curry is officially my newfound love.

I ❤ You, Curry


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