Hail Seitan!

My previous attempts at making homemade seitan were not completely unsuccessful, but they weren’t triumphant either. I baked a couple of seitan logs in tinfoil when we were living in Colorado. After tasting that, we felt we could pass on the faux meat.

Not anymore! I thought I would give making seitan another go, in another way. On the Post Punk Kitchen forum boards, I found this recommendation for simmering the seitan in a broth as opposed to baking it. Click HERE for the recipe/instructions I used. I didn’t, however, use ketchup and the seitan turned out AMAZING!

When Chaz was using slices and sautéing it a cast iron skillet, it looked exactly like meat. He was a little turned off until I reminded him he wasn’t really cooking dead animal flesh. We used the sautéd seitan to make ssandwiches with Nayonnaise, kale, tomatoes, Creole seasoning and fresh cracked pepper. It had a brisket taste to it- juicy, tender and melt-in-your-mouth consistency.

One of our roommates tried it and bought some from us! That’s an awesome compliment to get 🙂

Last night we used the leftovers to make a seitan stew with Hannah sweet potatoes and onions. Add a big salad and dinner was perfect-o!

It looks eerily like meat

Delectable Stew!

Sometimes your hands are the best utensils


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