Vegan MoFo: Day Two, Part One

Vegan Month of Food: Day Two, Part One

I read through roughly 50 blogs last night and I am so amazed at how different each was! Thank you for all of your comments and visiting our little corner of the web. Today, there are two parts. One, I’ll catch up on what we ate for dinner last night and go over some budgeting thoughts and ideas running through my head. Later, part two comes with an overview of the stores we shopped at, our process for buying decisions and what we prepare tonight. And also an AMAZING vegan potato salad recipe from Chaz!

As I wrote yesterday, we picked up some pasta in the bulk section of the co-op called The Wizard’s Reply. A mixture of pastas made from wheat, beets and spinach [I think there was some other vegetable too] it cooked up just like regular old boxed pasta. Normally I can’t stand pasta cooked aldente but I wouldn’t have this any other way.

Chaz sautéed up a couple of small zucchini to add to the spaghetti sauce and pasta. It added nice burst of flavor every time one of those little pieces ended up in the forkful.

The end result was really quite good. All mixed together and topped with nutritional yeast, dinner ended up being a satisfying meal that I look forward to having again.

Since starting this project, I feel like I’ve been consumed with nothing but ways to get our grocery bill under $45 this week. Our numbers from the receipts are looking good so far, but the final truth will come at the end of the week when we’re done getting our fresh fruit from the co-op every couple of days.

We decided to buy as much organic produce as we possibly could. In the beginning of the week we will shop for the prepackaged foods like bread, tortilla shells, salsa, canned items, dry beans, etc. Throughout the remaining week we’ll pick up fresh fruit and greens from the local co-op. We do like to support People’s with as much business as we can give them, but sometimes you just have to go to a big grocery store chain.

We’ll talk more about that in Vegan MoFo: Day Two, Part Two

One thing I have learned already is you can plan all the meals you want for the week but if you don’t also plan what food needs to be prepped [like soaking/cooking dry beans for instance] your meals won’t happen. Today, we talked about having BBQ Seitan. I made the seitan from scratch while Chaz prepared a homemade BBQ sauce [we’ll give the recipe later!] only for us both to realize that neither of us had touched the beans. We were going to have the BBQ Seitan with homemade baked beans and potato salad. Didn’t happen. So…

Tip #1: Plan your meals ahead of time BUT DON’T FORGET ABOUT THE FOOD PREP!

This is pretty basic common sense, but every once in awhile it’s good to be reminded- we sure needed it!

Stay tuned for the second part of today’s Awesome MoFo’ing!



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