Vegan MoFo: Day Three


Vegan Month of Food: Day Three

Before getting into what dinner we ate tonight, I thought I would go over the other meals I have during the day. Like I wrote before in the first MoFo post, Chaz and I don’t always eat together. Mainly this is because he’s at work while I’m at home or out roaming the streets of San Diego.

Breakfast is usually fresh fruit for me. I’ll almost always have 1-3 bananas where the other piece of fruit varies. I’ve been on a citrus kick lately so sustainable oranges have made their way into my brekky.

Lunch varies more because this is where I’ll eat any leftovers from previous dinners. I eat sandwiches a lot here too. Tomato and Nayonnaise or tahini, banana and agave are big on my go-to list for mid-meal. I have been trying to add a bit more variety with what I can slap together between two slices of bread though. I will also get a split-pea soup mix from the co-op from time to time, but not very often.

I like to snack on dry roasted unsalted peanuts. Simple and relatively cheap, this satisfies the crunch and hunger between meals. Chips and salsa also does the trick and I notice the hotter the salsa, the less I eat of it.

Now onto dinner…

It’s Seitan Pot Roast Day! After we received numerous comments about how everyone was excited for the pot roast, it really got me amped up. Chaz will be donning the chef apron once again to turn out what will hopefully be a delectable, super moist and tender dish.

I personally thought I had never had Pot Roast because it was always called just “roast”. I just never put the two together. Every time I came across a recipe, it called for a Dutch Oven which I’ve never used. So I would immediately abandoned the recipe, not learning that Pot Roast and “roast” are indeed the same things. In fact, it was right after tasting the roasted vegetables tonight that I said “This tastes like Papa’s roast”, thinking about my grandfather’s weekly Sunday dinner he would cook in the crock pot.

Then the whole light bulb going off thing happened and I instantaneously registered the taste to expect from the Seitan. Now I understand why everyone was so excited about this dish considering the texture of seitan that’s prepared and ready-to-use. I was expecting the faux meat to break apart easily and yield to the light pressure of a fork from my memory of its real meat counterpart.


I’m really rather bothered by my oversight of the memory card because I felt really good about the pictures taken. So instead I will insert a cute goat picture from Mountain Farm in North Carolina where we interned at.


This is Cotton, one of the kids from the 2010 season

Anyhow, dinner was not bad. In fact, I went back for a second helping. It just wasn’t Pot Roast or roast as I remember it to be. I thought that the seitan texture could be improved by using a slow cooker and possibly, more flavor could be added by sticking it in a marinade overnight using fresh herbs instead of dried. So Pot Roast is now a challenge, not a fail.

I’m for sure not starving after eating tonight’s meal and I’m looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow for lunch!




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9 responses to “Vegan MoFo: Day Three

  • Megan

    Holy crap, Cotton is cute.

    I’ve found roasts to work out well if they are wrapped in foil first. It holds it all together while cooking, and doesn’t turn spongey or brainy.

  • gail

    Congrats on the pot roast! I would be very curious about a slow cooked seitan pot roast. Every year for Hanukkah I make a seitan brisket and I prepare just like my mom used to prepare roasts when I was a kid. It definitely does not fall apart on a fork, but it is tasty and very filling. And speaking of sandwiches … the leftovers make for great sandwiches the next day.

    • organarchy

      Thanks for the tip! After tonight’s meal, we see a future of seitan falling apart on the fork. It is now our mission to replicate this texture because it will also come in handy for pulled bbq recipes, carne asada, etc. etc. This is only our first attempt! Many more to come!!! Happy MoFo’ing!

  • Rose

    I recently tried the pot roast recipe from Jo Stepaniak’s book, Vegan Vittles, and it was pretty good…but like you, thought the seitan could use a little tweaking.

    Cute goat!

  • Jenny

    Cotton is so photogenic…legendary personality. I was probably pissing him off a bit too, taking so many pictures of him bouncing around with his companion, the brand new 2-day-old kid. He’s all “ima get up in yo face grrl…lemme bounce in pce!”

    also, i’ve never created homemade seitan….i’ll make an attempt very soon and let you know the results…as always thanks for the advice and honest experimentation!

    • organarchy

      Probably. You have a tendency to make people feel that way… 😉 And I believe it about Cotton…lots of fun but a total Alpha goat!

      Getting all up in the kitchen with vegan cookin’ experiments have been so much fun, but if we aren’t being honest about it, then it’s all for nought. Let us know how that seitan turns out and TAKE PICTURES!

  • jane

    That is the cutest goat ever… I can totally feel mischevious personality coming through the camera lens!

    • organarchy

      We had 14 kids this 2010 season and Cotton definitely had one of those in-your-face kind of sweet personalities. Our very first mama goat gave birth to SEXTUPLETS! Imagine our surprise when this happened- we never had been around goats before, let alone helped during kidding! Such an awesome experience!

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