Vegan MoFo: Day Seven


Vegan Month of Food: Day Seven

***Be sure to check out the recently updated page about OIL by the Literate Zombie***

Good evening MoFoes! We are seven days into the beautiful month of November and the Vegan Month of Food is well underway! New receipts have been uploaded into the first week page under the OUR BUDGET tab. We are currently under SEVEN CENTS!

With a curry noodles and seitan dish tonight and a stir fry tomorrow, that makes something different for dinner every single night. So we managed to accomplish three of our goals:

  1. Stay under the $45/week budget
  2. Have something something different for dinner every night
  3. Blog every day this week [plus 2 extra posts!]

Based on how things went this week, it feels like it’s going to be a bit of a challenge cutting down the budget more. But a few good bits:

  1. We found out the batch of seitan I make can be portioned out to four generous allotments giving us one more meal than originally thought
  2. We haven’t utilized proper cooked beans as much as possible, therefore allowing even more [cheap] variety in our weekly menu
  3. The same goes for rice
  4. And soups! I love soup a bit more than the Literate Zombie so this is something I’ll probably make an extra 2-3 portions of for lunches when I incorporate it once a week for dinner

Tonight we’re going over menus and budget plans for this week. I’ve been eying the Fat Free Vegan Kitchen’s recipe for green bean casserole so look for that in the coming week. I’m also interested in a homemade French Bread Pizza. These are just some ideas!

Now onto tonight’s meal…

First, we started with chips, salsa and a surprise. The Literate Zombie likes to call the mini meal you sometimes eat during dinner prep a “Chef Snack”. If I’m lucky enough to be around when he’s cooking, he’ll toss something my way even though I’m technically not the chef. A very sweet man indeed.


Chef Snack

Pictured is a seitan sandwich with Nayonnaise and kale. Truly a tasty pre-dinner delight offered up by my husband. While happily munching away on this, I notice that the onion he was chopping had gotten to him:


Sweet Onion Tears

The eye-stinging pain was definitely worth it as the meal turned out superb. Garlic and onion mingled together [as they always seem to at these kinds of events] while the diced kale stems made an appearance along with its leafy counterpart. The noodles were cooked to perfection and rinsed well, leaving a smooth, not starchy, consistency. This in contrast to the seitan pieces made for a well-rounded dish rich in flavor. Everything in the pot was covered in a light hug of curry and sriracha sauce. Perfection.

Curry Noodles with Seitan

Remember to spread the love around by reading and commenting on all of the MoFo blogs out there! Check out the complete blog list at Vegan MoFo Headquarters International and use it! Happy MoFo’ing!

Much Love,

Fruit Killer



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