Vegan MoFo: Day Eight


Vegan Month of Food: Day Eight

Howdy, MoFoes! So I have our Week 2 menu for your perusal [in no particular order]:

  1. Green Bean Casserole [just a big giant green bean casserole]
  2. Split Pea & Barley Soup
  3. French Bread Pizza with homemade marinara
  4. Subs
  5. Burritos
  6. Spaghetti with homemade marinara
  7. Black Beans and Rice

I’m really hoping we come in under budget again. There are some components to the dishes we already have, so we’ll figure an average price for those items and add them to our receipts to compensate. It is $45 for this week too. I feel like the meal plans are a bit more ambitious this go round so I’m excited to see if we can make it work without sacrificing any key flavors.

Tonight’s meal will be Stir Fry which I will write about more…after we eat it.


Okay so we’ve eaten and I’m here to tell all.


Brown Rice & Spaghetti Squash Stir Fry

We had a delicious stir fry consisting of organic brown rice, spaghetti squash [which our new roommate kindly gave to us- added bonus!] kale, onion, garlic and Nutch. It’s been a long time since we’ve had rice because we don’t have a rice cooker. Since I would be the one to cook it while the Literate Zombie is at work, I avoided using the stove top method for fear of burning, overcooking or any other terrible acts of crime one could commit against brown rice.

But tonight, I was brave. I took hold of the cooking reins and I showed the rice how to hang out in a pot, come to a boil, be stirred, have heat reduced beneath it and lo and behold- perfectly cooked rice. In a pot. And- you guessed it- on top of the stove.

I was feeling rather triumphant when the Literate Zombie came home from work, showing him that the Brown Rice Beast had been tamed. While he grabbed a shower, I got things rolling in the kitchen by dicing up the kale. He took over and added onions and garlic to the mix.

I think one key ingredient that was an especially flavorful addition was the Balsamic vinegar. It added a familiar friend kind of taste. Combine that with a bit of hot sauce and liquid smoke and that was our dinner! The rice turned out so well which pleased us both because know we now we don’t need a rice cooker. And tonight reminded me how filling a stir fry can be. I am stuffed and there are no leftovers!

Here are a couple of pics taken by the Literate Zombie of me, Fruit Killer. I’m always the one behind to lens so I figured it’s only fair to post some shots of my mug.


Those who don't cook, wash the dishes

I don't know really what's going on in this pic to be honest...

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Much Love,

Fruit Killer

Happy MoFo’ing


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