Vegan MoFo: Day Nine


Vegan Month of Food: Day Nine

Evenin’ MoFoes! Shopping day has come again. I cannot believe it’s already been a week since starting this! Today, I have some words about a store we checked out today and of course, our delectable evening meal. Right. Onward…

When we lived in Denver, CO we frequented a grocery store called Sprouts Farmers Market. We really really liked this place. Enough for me to use “really really” in the last sentence which says quite a bit. Well when we moved to California, there weren’t any within a reasonable distance to shop at. And with our food co-op less than a block away, driving half an hour was out of the question.

Today, we found our new Sprouts. Well until they build a Sprouts closer to us. The stores are very similar in layout and style. Henry’s selection wasn’t as vegan-friendly, but it’s lovely knowing there is something similar that is close to us.

I will probably end up posting the receipts on Thursday as tomorrow is our three year wedding anniversary. But we’ll be spending it the kitchen making homemade marinara sauce and either green bean casserole or pizza. Enough about tomorrow. Let’s talk about tonight:



So we’ve already managed to alter the menu a little bit. Subs turned into Dagwoods which you can see from the picture above. This all changed because we came across this jalapeño bread on sale at Henry’s. Checked the ingredients and after seeing everything was vegan, we changed plans. The french bread pizzas have been removed from week two’s menus. Because we opted for the bread, the pizza “crust” won’t be on a sub roll. So now we’re thinking of making a pizza-like casserole with homemade marinara. But back to tonight.


Vegan Dagwoods

I ended up doing food prep for these beauts when the Literate Zombie ran out to the co-op to pick up a couple of avocados and a few pears for the morning. I sliced my way through juicy tomatoes and cut a green bell pepper into strips. Black olives were halved and red onions were chopped into half moons. The jalapeño bread slices were slathered with Nayonnaise and stone ground mustard. Big handfuls of shredded kale made a bed for the ripe tomato slices, red onions, green pepper strips, sliced black olives, half of an avocado and even more red onions. A slight touch of Creole seasoning was the pitch prefect spice to end with.

When people generally say they had sandwiches for dinner, I normally think “Is that all?” But I forget about the beauty of a large sandwich that has to be cut into fourths just so it can be handled long enough to get from the plate and into a mouth. Sandwiches of this nature can be such a treat when you haven’t taken the time to build one, layer by layer, and then sit down to enjoy it, with no interruptions. Paying attention to your food can be the tastiest decision you ever make.


I haven't been this full in a long time...

The first bite induced “Mmmm” sounds and closed eyes. I tried a bite of the bread before having the sandwich and I thought maybe I made a mistake agreeing to something so spicy. It was toned down by the other 8+ components which I was excited about. I like the flavor of jalapeño but the heat’s not always my friend. I have been trying to get my spicy tolerance up a bit more so we can both enjoy things with a little extra kick.

The Creole seasoning and spicy bread added a hint of something special earning this Dagwood a place in my “Hey we should make this again” portion of my mind’s hunger files. But let us be honest: it’s kind of hard to fork up a sandwich with fresh juicy veggies and delicious spreads like Nayonnaise and stone ground mustard. Something so delicious AND easy makes me think “Geez it’s so hard being vegan.”

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Much Love,

Fruit Killer

Happy MoFo’ing!


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