Vegan MoFo: Day Twelve


Vegan Month of Food: Day Twelve

Afternoon, MoFoes! Week two has really proved to be delicious as each time I come to write a post, all I want to talk about is the night before’s dinner. The ‘Who Needs Cheese? Pizza Casserole’ leftovers from last night are calling to me, begging to be heated up and devoured; licking the bowl is optional, but most likely will happen.

Tonight’s delectable vegan meal looks to be Split Pea & Barley Soup! With the temperatures dropping at night now, this is sure to be warm and comforting. I will be making this one as the Literate Zombie has to work and it’s a little more time consuming. This isn’t something than can be whipped up after he gets home.

So, once again, I will write about our yummy dinner and there will be pictures [well at least ONE picture] but only until after it’s made and we eat it. Our schedule being the way it is kind of forces us to write this way, but you know…do what ya gotta do!


Tonight’s meal makes me miss last night. It wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t genius in the kitchen at its best either. Now I feel spoiled. The Split Pea & Barley Soup I made [that name always reminds me of a regal title so I felt it only appropriate to capitalize] came from a recipe. Now normally I don’t follow soup recipes because it’s so easy that I don’t need to. But for some reason, I thought it necessary to follow this recipe…to a T…even against my better judgement.

See, I felt that dumping in dry peas along with the barley into the broth with the carrots and onions only to cook them for 90 minutes wasn’t going to work. My gut told me to cook these babies separately, but I ignored the feeling. I passed on the suggestion from the clear thinking portion of my brain and away I went, following that forking recipe that told me to dump those peas in that pot.

*Sigh* But, now I know. When in doubt, follow you’re gut. The Literate Zombie smiled that little “I’ve been in situations like this before” kind of smile and let me onto that little gem of a lesson. Trust yourself.

Because the peas were a bit undercooked, their texture wasn’t all that soft. The Literate Zombie came up with the solution of putting tortilla chips into the soup to add that crunchy chip element while detracted from the peas off-ness, so-to-speak.

All in all, this was tasty. The elemental flaw of the peas, however, really disappointed me. But, I know what to do in case I ever decide to attack this beast again.

I’m looking forward to the spaghetti with homemade marinara tomorrow. Knowing it’s in the chef’s hands kind of gives me a sense of relief!

Read. Comment. Spread the MoFo.

Much Love,

Fruit Killer

Happy MoFo’ing!



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