Vegan MoFo: Day Fifteen


Vegan Month of Food: Day Fifteen

Today is officially the middle of the month as there are only 30 days in the glorious month of November. We’ve had a blast for the first part of MoFo this year and we’ve learned a few things about budgeting too. I know I haven’t scanned in the receipts for this week yet as some other projects have been needing attention. So I plan to do an overview of each week at the end of the month as a way to wrap up our “theme”.

We’ve been eating some pretty tasty food. My favorites that stand out so far:

Who Needs Cheese? Pizza Casserole

Green Bean Casserole

Seitan Baked Beans

Literate Zombie’s Garlic Bread

These four were ever so delicious and we plan on making them again. I’ve also enjoyed the time we spend in the kitchen together now that we’re taking the time to cook GOOD food for ourselves. Well, mainly the chef handles the cooking part, but it’s a reminder that slowing down and taking the time [without distractions from all of these gidgets-gadgets] to talk with your loved ones face-to-face is the best way to form a stronger relationship.

Tonight we are having BURRITOS! I’ve been looking forward to this meal as I’ve had a taste for some spiciness. But ya have to come back to read about it!


Tonight was the first night we had leftovers with dinner. We learned that it is not necessary to make a whole box of spaghetti for the two of us; I had leftovers for lunch one day and even with both of us eating on it tonight, there’s still noodles in the fridge. Lucky for us, it’s delicious but we are highly against wasting food. Plus, cutting down portion sizes will save us money too.

The burritos were so simple they killed. There’s just something about black beans and brown rice that knock my socks off and if that makes me easy to please well then so be it.

This may look like an average burrito but the taste was impeccable

We still have yet to come up with week three’s menu, but I’m looking forward to it already. We’re also knocking $5 off the budget which puts us at $40 for the week. I think about Rachel Ray spending just $40 in one day and it makes me laugh. And yes I do get that the show is about hitting up local spots in a town you may be visiting for a vacation, but it makes me question myself if I could do it all. $40 could feed us totally vegan, healthy and nutritious meals all week long without us having to compromise anything really.

Literate Zombie has been talking about doing cost breakdowns for each dinner to give another aspect to the budget. For example, I think it would be interesting just how much it would cost us to make a veganized copycat take on say a popular restaurant dish.

We hope the middle of MoFo is treating you all well!

Read. Comment. Spread the MoFo.

Much Love,

Fruit Killer

Happy MoFo’ing!






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