Vegan MoFo: Day Sixteen


Vegan Month of Food: Day Sixteen

Good evening fellow MoFoes [and non-MoFoes alike]. We’re jumping into week three with a pasta-bell pepper-onion-garlic-y stir fry. This won’t come until a little later but not because Chaz has to work but instead because we’re having a ukulele jam at our house tonight. Lots of fun with good people.

So I will be back with all of the nitty gritty little details about our pasta stir fry and just how delicious it was.


Things don’t always go according to plan. Tonight, Literate Zombie was going to cook but I ended up filling as head chef. Sometimes, this makes me a bit nervous as I don’t feel like my kitchen skills are quite up to par. In the end I surprised myself, which made not only my alter ego cook Lucy happy, but my taste buds and stomach as well.

Dinner ended up as a noodle-bell pepper-zucchini-onion-garlic-y thing seasoned with organic toasted sesame oil, ginger and tahini. Soooo yummy. And I mean ‘yummy’ in the most serious sense possible. This is the kind of dinner you just don’t mess around with. There is absolutely no delicious leftovers for me to eat for lunch tomorrow.

I kept all of the veggies tender crisp, which made a nice contrast to the soft noodles swimming in seasoned tahini. Even though I wasn’t paying attention to measurements, it’s not enough to keep me from trying to make this again.

Here’s the rest of the menu for week 3:

-Rice Stir Fry with Beets


-Salad with Homemade Citrus vinaigrette with Literate Zombie’s Garlic Bread 🙂

-Fruit Killer’s Chipotle Chili

-Black Bean Sliders on Jalapeno Buns with Sweet Potato Fries and Dips and Homemade Cola

-Pancakes with Homemade syrup and Fresh Squeezed OJ


Read. Comment. Spread the MoFo.

Much Love,

Fruit Killer

Happy MoFo’ing!





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