Vegan MoFo: Day Seventeen


Vegan Month of Food: Day Seventeen

Hello and good afternoon MoFoes! It’s a busy and bright day here in San Diego. With a couple of projects still needing attention, I feel like I haven’t posted a lengthy update in awhile so here goes.

Sticking to a budget can be hard. Little tips and tricks [like not going grocery shopping when you’re hungry] are always helpful but I think the best thing we’ve learned to do is planning. Plan, plan and then plan some more. Another great tactic is to realize that although you spent all that time planning, a good deal is still a good deal. Being flexible can be beneficial so don’t be afraid to switch up a loaf of bread for discounted bakery bread. Obviously, always check the label for suspicious looking ingredients as well as the no-brainer no-nos. We’ll write a review for the entire month and list all of the lessons we learned this month.

So what exactly has been keeping me away from writing long and lovely MoFo posts? Two things: 1) My Etsy shop. It’s practically the holiday season and some savvy shoppers are turning to their keyboard instead of waiting in line to buy the perfect gift. If those gifts happen to be 100% Vegan Hand-Knit Sushi Roll Pillows, they come to see me here. 2) Literate Zombie and I are now in the developing stages of a ukulele ensemble. So we’re been jamming and practicing and plucking and strumming with the best of ’em.

It’s not that we’ve forgotten MoFo. Not in the slightest. Not ever. But time is a tricky lady; slipping through fingers quicker and quicker and before you know it, it’s time to dream of dancing vegan delights instead of writing about them.

Be sure to come back for our dinner details. I believe we’re having….I honestly don’t know. But not only will I find out- I’ll take pictures and blog about it too…just for you!


As promised I am back with dinner info. I imagine that salad gets groans out of a lot of people because it always seems to be negatively brought up when non-vegans ask us what we eat [Literally: “So what do ya eat? SALAD??!?] But when you taste a salad like this, it makes me want to retort with a snarky “Yeah I eat salad. YOU DON’T?!??! the same sarcastic and snotty tone.

Fresh organic spinach, avocado chunks, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, onion and bell pepper tossed in a homemade organic citrus vinaigrette then topped with fresh cracked pepper. And on top of that mountain of lovely tastes and textures delighting our taste buds, there’s fresh jalapeño bread spread with garlic-y Earth Balance and sautéd diced onion and spinach- all toasted to perfection.

Plain Ol' Salad? I think not!

Plain-sounding salad and bread can be more than just a side and starter. Church up dull old iceberg lettuce with dark leafy greens. I recommend spinach as the taste isn’t overwhelmingly bitter like some greens can be. Kale is pretty neutral as well. After that, add in any and all of the veggies you like. If you like some kinds cooked, throw it in a sauté pan. Tossing hot vegetables with the rest of your salad components is another way to eat this traditionally cold meal; especially if the winter months always make you feel like you need hot heavy foods.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with plain ol’ salad and bread. Period.


Read. Comment. Spread the MoFo.

Much Love,

Fruit Killer

Happy MoFo’ing!




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2 responses to “Vegan MoFo: Day Seventeen

  • Vegan Animal

    That salad sounds delicious. Anything will a garlic-y bread and avo is is a winner in my books and that’s a really nice combination of ingredients. The citrus vinaigrette really sounds amazing too.

    • organarchy

      Thanks! You know, it was really a trial-and-error type deal when he was whipping up the dressing. I felt like it was too tart from the amount of apple cider vinegar so we thinned it out with some water, added ginger and a touch of agave to give a slight sweetness to it. I was a very full and happy girl last night 🙂

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