Vegan MoFo: Day Twenty-Three


Vegan Month of Food: Day Twenty-Three

It’s a bright and early post for us here today because we’re getting up to go see Harry Potter! I’m not sure if I will have time to detail dinner plans for this evening as we have a BIG grocery shop* planned for Thanksgiving. We weren’t going to do anything special, but there are a few people we know who don’t have any family around so we figured we’d cook and if people want to celebrate, the more the merrier.

I am currently looking for a cobbler dish of some kind to make for dessert while doing the standard fare [veganized of course] for mains. Mashed potatoes and gravy, yams and marshmallows, green bean casserole perhaps. We’re still working out the details.

Anyhow, the very least I will blog about is a short review of whatever vegan goody we decide to take with us to the theater. It may not be until pretty late, but better that then never I’ve been told!

*It looks like we’re forgoing any kind of budget as we’ll be funding Thanksgiving ourselves


Wow. Harry Potter was AMAZING. Very much worth our money to go see it in the theaters. And the treat we took with us was a bag of Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Peanut Butter and Chocolate-Chip Cookies! So delicious!

The cookies themselves seem to crumble a bit more than other commercial brands, but it’s a real cookie. They aren’t loaded with preservatives. Instead, they’re chock full of organic and non-gmo ingredients that are simple to understand [and pronounce]. There wasn’t much of a chew to the cookies; there was more of a melt-in-your-mouth kind of texture. And they weren’t unnecessarily sweet like some baked goodies can be. All in all, I like Uncle Eddie’s and will be more apt to picking up a bag in the future.

We also tried something else new to us today: vegan jerky. Literate Zombie was sneaky and grabbed a package for $1.39 when I left the line to grab a coconut juice. When I was looking at the receipt in the parking lot, all I saw was TX BBQ JERKY and was instantly confused. Then, my dear husband whipped out the package and we tried some.

OH. MY. GOODNESS. It hasn’t been too long that I don’t remember what jerky tastes like. This stuff [made by Primal] not only flaked like it’s meat counterpart but tasted like it too! The fact that it doesn’t dissipate in your mouth and it holds up to chewing is really amazing. If I ever get a hankering for jerky, I know it can be satisfied with this stuff. It doesn’t happen often so it will be a nice treat every now and then.

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Much Love,

Fruit Killer

Happy MoFo’ing!







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