Vegan MoFo: Day Twenty-Nine

Vegan Month of Food: Day Twenty-Nine

Morning MoFoes! Ever since Thanksgiving, we’ve been eating these really rustic and hearty dishes dripping in comfort. Personally I love it. I adore cold weather requiring clothing with the word ‘lounge’ in its description, snuggling under blankets and eating meals that you have to ladle out of a big silver stock pot.

Tonight’s dinner will be something with potatoes in it. Specifically the two spuds I picked up last night at the co-op. I want to say that I have some celery left, but I faintly remember seeing Literate Zombie eating a stalk or two with the ranch[ish] dressing he made on Thanksgiving.

Anyhow, something will be made and will also be delicious. After seven years of being together, I completely and willing lay the fate of my taste buds in my husband’s hands. On nights when we’re clearing out the fridge, I like not knowing what he’s going to make. It really is a pleasure to watch him plan these meals with really less-than stellar separate components and turning them into delectable dinners.

The details and pictures will be relinquished once I have them…which is after we cook dinner and eat…later tonight.


One word: FAIL.

I’m not talking about dinner but the pictures of dinner I failed to take. What can I say? I was rocking some Fishbone on the good ol’ iPod and in the cooking groove. And then Literate Zombie came home early from work and surprised me with a hug from behind. I thought it was someone else since it was only 10:30, so the shock from that plus being in the zone put pictures at the back of my mind.

It wasn’t anything fancy. I just bulked up the soup from the other night with the two red potatoes, the rest of the organic mushroom broth, sage, thyme and fresh cracked pepper. I cooked everything but the leftovers over a high flame in our stock pot. I’m thinking about writing a song about that pot I love it so much.

Anyhow, we threw a hunk of toasted bread in the bottom of our bowls, ladled up some vegan goodness and went to town. Because I have no food porn for you tonight, I offer up some cuteness instead. Enjoy…

Greta of Mountain Farm

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