Sometimes, You Just Gotta Party

Tonight, the household is having a fundraiser/veg potluck/party/birthday party. Supposedly there will be a vegan chef attending and said chef will be whipping up some delectable delights to accompany the potluck dishes brought by guests. There is also a keg of San Diego’s finest homebrew and three Brazilian bands will be playing up a storm.

I know there hasn’t been pictures of food or details on what we’ve been eating or any articles about the human body and how the food we eat affects it, but there will be soon. Party planning takes some time and effort to pull together 🙂

So I’d thank you all who have been stopping by to read our blog even after Vegan MoFo ended. I’ve been getting in the mood to bake so look for recipes, reviews and pictures of the culinary master-or-disasterpieces I manage to make come out of the oven. Literate Zombie will be be continuing his articles on basic pantry items he likes to have on hand in our vegan kitchen. We will also start filming basic kitchen tutorials as well as play catch up with posting recipes.

So I wish a Happy Saturday to you all and we will be back!

About fruitkiller

Wife. Vegan! Musician. Singer. Bookworm. Knitter. Crocheter. Co-Founder or ORGANARCHY. Co-Editor/Writer of the Organarchy blog. Voracious Comic Book Reader. Owner of Zombie Hand Productions. View all posts by fruitkiller

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