The Rise of the Literate Zombie

Out of a stupor, comes the literate zombie.  Awoken in 2008, the fiendish bookworm stripped the ways of a corporate cooking nightmare. Within days of the light flashing on, authentic life goals came into focus. The wife made a suggestion. A month of anticipation, and on an organic dairy goat and lavender farm (harness the earth) in Burnsville NC, the lost soul and his wife arrived.

A sobering experience, the living dead writer has headed WEST, returning to a by-product free existence once again. Feeling perfectly happy in Ocean Beach, the motives of a drifter become manifestations. Spending their free time spreading positive information and increasing health and wellness across the globe, is a big part of their mission.

During the evening, he grinds out his living as an anonymous cog spinning the wheel of another restaurant (this is the zombie part).  The rest of the time, he and his wife  devote to enhancing the human experience both for themselves and those of you reading (this is the literate part).

Having spent many evenings on any number of kitchen lines, he was picking up skills and knowledge along the way. The initial draw of cooking, especially as a kid (which has yet to fade) was the knives and fire.

For the next scene we find ourselves in a fast food restaurant. Serving chicken and burgers to the residents of Virginia Beach, he learned to bread and fry food, have a sense of urgency, become part of an assembly line, grill (harness fire) and probably most importantly, clean.

A few years, a few 1,00 miles, and a few different jobs later:

In a random bar and grill in San Diego, a still stumbling zombie acquired more skills. The fine art of cooking fish and seafood, using a deli slicer for meats, cheeses and some produce, working the whole kitchen alone, and the most helpful gift: knife skills. This is how you pay the bills. Good skills = Saving time for your boss = More Money.

Following the story of endless kitchen lines and years of cooking quick food, the kitchen ninja was born.  The kitchen ninja game is being so caught up on your station that you have time to help others on the line, but without them catching you.

Along the way, many skills helped but it was the following setting that sharpened our gruntled employee and made the man that would become the literate zombie.

Employment  bestrode the living predecessor, teaching him cooking methods from around the world in quick month-long intervals. Hand-processing the food for consumption from whole fish, sides of beef, fresh herbs, and tons of spices

So lovely was this experience, he found himself able to move around the kitchen with taste, determination, and love. Working 70+ hours a week led to an injury. Killing part of his left hand, the dead skin from the injury crept through the body over the next year.

Eventually spreading to the brain, the literate zombie was born. Focusing on having free time and leaving work at work, has led the undead reader to this point.

As he progresses forward, doing truly the best he can as a literate zombie, he asks you to join him in spreading OrgAnarchy.

The Goal is spreading the joy of cooking and helping educate people on how  to plan, prep and cook healthy meals on a very strict budget of both money and time.

-Help alert people on how to effect rather than be affected.

-Try new things and spread that knowledge as we get a community of people creating and sharing vegan cooking.

-Spread the joys of conscience living.

-Focus on the positives of cooking and life. The negative is only worth knowing if you plan on fixing it.

As I progress forward, doing truly the best I can as a literate zombie, I ask you to join me in spreading OrgAnarchy.


the Literate Zombie

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