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The Japenese Sweet Potato!!!

After getting the laundry going at the laundromat, I strolled down the street in San Diego’s bask, lacking essential eyewear, to Ocean Beach Peoples Food Co-Op. I was met with a previously unknown tuber [enter Satsuma-imo, its Japanese nomenclature] having  fuchsia skin and yellow flesh. The 8 inch long “potato” was amazing. I washed, diced, and boiled it, just like I would a regular Idaho spud.  After straining, I added it to a quick sesame oil saute of onions, garlic, and kale. The taste was incredible! The sweet potato added an almost ginger after-note.  This root will definitely be in my shopping bag the next time we want a potato dish.


As I type this, I have decided to cover some basics in a tutorial series to help those following along maneuver in the kitchen with ease. It may seem like I’m starting at the very bottom with the simplest of concepts. That’s because I am. Do it right. You’re worth it.

I hope that this will help to inspire even the most die hard fans of microwave meals. To those intimidated by wielding knives and playing with fire [as I like to look at it], I also want to give a background about what we’re dealing with in a kitchen. This should help move your food prep time along with some practice cutting, dicing, chopping, etc. etc. I plan on writing a few posts on the importance of being connected to and getting to know your food as well. Believe me, its important.

But let’s face it: after work amidst kids crying, dogs barking and time flying by, who really wants to get in the kitchen and cook? You should. It all depends on how you look at it. A chore is a chore is a chore. But cooking can be the gateway to wonderful memories made with your family. Connect with your children over a cutting board. If you want to see your family more, use that time in the kitchen. And with everyone helping, preparing a meal suddenly becomes not only a central focus to your day but also done in no time.

Focus on the task of getting that meal on the table, teach your kids some lifelong skills, clean as you go and nothing becomes overwhelming. Give it a shot…you might surprise yourself.

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