This best way I can describe what I’m trying to do here is explain in the simplest way possible how what we choose to put in our bodies directly affects our quality of life. And as I have stated in several other places on this blog, I am not a doctor and neither is my husband. This is not medical advice or a substitue for a physician. I’m just a regular girl looking for answers within the resources that I have. More likely than not, they’re the same resources available to you.

I decided to arm myself with knowledge so I don’t make preventable mistakes when it comes to my health and my future. If I’m ignorant about the body, how can I make a better life for myself? Research, research and more research.

Prior to this endeavour, I didn’t know how the human body worked. I knew I had organs and blood but how everything inside of me interacted, I really had no clue. My main focus in school was music so I wasn’t really concerned with much else to be honest. But since Chaz and I started out on this path to seek a better quality of life for ourselves, I felt it was time I found out what exactly this whole human being business actually meant.

So I started out researching the organ systems in the body. They all depend on each other to get this whole job of living done on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute, second-to-second basis. The body is like this giant venn diagram where all of the systems overlap.We are AMAZING. So amazing that to explain everything is impractical. But what isn’t, is keeping these articles relatively short, to the point and in laymen’s terms.

I’m starting off with the circulatory system and I’ll work my way through the human body and in a sub series, I’ll explain how our food choices affect that particular area. What I hope you get from this is a better understanding that we cannot abuse our bodies day in and day out without it eventually rebelling against us.

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