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It’s Been a Little While…

Good morning to you all, out there in the world of hustle and bustle. At least that’s the world we’ve been in lately! I do have pics and a few reviews of some new products we’ve tried the last couple of weeks, but they will have to wait. This is just a quick pop-in before getting to work on a few Etsy orders.

We’ve been up to exactly what I wrote we would be in the last post: working and playing music. Nothing too fancy has gone on in the kitchen. We made a spicy spaghetti one night with noodles made out of organic corn and organic quinoa flours. I believe we’ve also had potatoes done about four different ways. Rustic and hearty dishes have been on the menu due to the crisp cool weather and afford-ability.

There have been talks of doing another raw vegan food cleanse after the new year to give our bodies a break from all of these heavy foods we’ve been consuming. I know I’m on board with it for sure. Literate Zombie could be a different story, however. It will be good to just detox a little after the crazy rush of the holiday season.

I’ll be back with those reviews hopefully a little later today. I also want to talk about Smart Meters and the saga going on here at our house too, so look out for that as well.

Much Love,

Fruit Killer

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