November 1st-7th 2010 Budget Receipts

The can of spaghetti sauce [see Receipt #2] does not count toward our weekly food budget because we ate it last night. Our budget start falls on today, November 2.


Our local food co-op

It looks like there could be a discrepancy with this receipt. I only see one bag of chips in the kitchen but we were charged for two. I wasn’t there so I’ll have to ask Chaz when he gets home whether or not this is true*

*No discrepancy. Apparently, in order to receive the discounted price [in this instance it was a buy 2 bags of chips for $3] you have to buy said amount. None of this buying only one bag and getting it for $1.50.

For the budget’s sake, we’re adding in the .20 we saved from a discount today.

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