Why No More Receipts?

So the uploading/management/organization of receipts and posting a nice little recap writeup didn’t last. Why? Because it was extraneous and tedious. And I’d rather be spending my time writing/playing music, crafting, cooking, eating, etc. etc. If someone really wants to see what we’re spending our money on after MoFo, then by all means, I’ll upload a receipt or two to show that it’s not so exciting 🙂

This really was an experiment, if anything. We learned that there are certain items we are willing to pay more for where other things just aren’t as important. For example, we’d rather have one quality loaf of sprouted whole grain goodness bread instead of buying three loaves of chemical-laden “bread”.

Literate Zombie and I are also getting away from buying plastic. Did you know that there are certain types of plastic that may persist for hundreds [even thousands!] of years? One billion tons of this nightmare has been discarded since the 1950s! And if that’s not enough, think of the chemical pollutants being produced in the manufacturing of plastic.[1]

So not only has our choice in food quality changed but its packaging is now a concern as well.

Eat a little better, be a little better.

Much Love,

Fruit Killer


[1] Alan Wiseman, “The World Without Us”, St Martin’s Press, NY, 2007

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