You guessed it! This is where we’ll be posting recipes we’ve tried more than once that has worked for us.

Express YOURself Salad Dressing-

This is the base for vinaigrette: A quick and easy way to to bring your salad up to your level.  The thing to remember is:  3 parts oil to 1 part vinegarMix these ingredients with whatever the fork you care to. Start simply by adding things in proportion. This means to 3 Tbsp oil and 1 Tbsp vinegar, a couple drops of whatever goes a long way. 3 cups:1cup needs a Tbsp or so.

Combine a squeeze of lime and cilantro (great with avocado oil) in the blender and BOOM! ya got dressing. Not down? Alright. Start back with our 3:1 ratio, add in a lil’ ginger and orange zest, possibly saved from breakfast. Still no, huh? Try strawberry and jalapeño then. Fine! Express yourself. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Sometimes due to variance in acidity of the vinegar and taste of the oil, minor adaptations on the ratio can be made but 3:1 is a great median and used most consistently


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