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You Say It’s Your Birthday

28 years ago, I took my very first breath. Obviously lots has happened since then, both for the good and for the bad. Since I woke up, I’ve been thinking about how we’re living our lives now as opposed to just a short year ago. I’m happy to be taking steps in a positive direction where our health is concerned. Not only is it a privilege to grow old, but it’s a pleasure as well.

Just thinking about all of the things I’ve learned in the past year blows my mind. I’m proud to say that Literate Zombie and I have finally started living instead of putting our lives on hold until we get to the next town. We’re playing music and creating and learning and performing.

For those who know me personally, you know life has not been that kind to me. But, I’ve made the decision to do my best to move forward and look to the future and the possibilities as opposed to focusing on the negative. We’re all in this together but at the same time, we all have our own paths and our own journeys. I’m doing my best to travel mine with an open heart and clear head, keeping my eyes open along the way.

I wish you all happy journeys of your own.

Much Love,

Fruit Killer

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