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Vegan MoFo: Day Ten


Vegan Month of Food: Day Ten

Today marks a milestone for the Literate Zombie and myself, Fruit Killer. We were married three years ago. Ironically, the traditional gift for the big 3 is leather. But thanks to modern devices, the now suggested gift is crystal, glass or pearls.

I prefer delicious food. And tonight we’ll be making Green Bean Casserole! The Literate Zombie will also be in the kitchen stirring up some homemade marinara, which we will be documenting. So until later, I must leave you all to enjoy our anniversary.


Hello again, MoFoes! After spending an hour in the kitchen, chopping and dicing our way through vegetables and stirring and seasoning up a storm we were rewarded with a beautiful veganized version of a green bean casserole.

Crispy and Creamy: Just like it should be

I made the casserole while the Literate Zombie got to work on the homemade marinara sauce we’re using in two dinners this week. The recipe I used is from FatFree Vegan Kitchen. It is everything I hoped it would be. With this now in my arsenal, I feel prepared to face any potluck invitation thrown at us.

Using fresh green beans and cooking them from scratch made this extra special. After boiling, I poured the beans into a colander. A fragrance hit me that was so strong it brought back memories from my summers in Georgia with my Papa, ‘roughin’ it’ as he liked to call it. We used to go out to farms and pick our vegetables fresh in that steamy hot kind of sun only Valdosta could put out.

Making this tonight brought back lots of snippets from my childhood. Very rare and sweet snippets that has given me a sense of home here in California. For the first time in a long time, I feel like we have a home and not just a stepping stone to the next city.

This is what home tastes like

A few notes about the recipe:

  1. I finely minced the mushrooms instead of just chopping into pieces. In the picture of casserole on the original blog post you can distinctly see a piece of mushroom. I wanted the sauce to be smoother than what was pictured so I cut smaller tinier pieces than called for. It’s a matter of taste really. If you want chunkier, follow the original recipe.
  2. The recipe called for soy creamer…and I see why. I thought I could get away with using regular unsweetened and unflavored mylk but I will be using the creamer in future casserole endeavors. The sauce was thick but not as thick as I would have liked it.
  3. I omitted the cooking sherry. And not because I didn’t have any, because I did. I just tasted it right after the sauce had been bubbling and sending “Taste Me” waves undulating up from the cast iron skillet and it was…perfect. So I opted out and I don’t regret the decision.
  4. I ended up using a 6 oz. can of the French Fried Onions in addition to the bread. Using only 3 oz and the crumbled bread mix wasn’t going to cut it. So you may or you may not want to get more just in case.
  5. The Literate Zombie thought it could have been “sloshier” i.e. leftover sauce.

Truly the best thing I've made in awhile...

Because we were both running around the kitchen making different dishes, I didn’t catch a shot of the marinara. But it will be in the spaghetti and the pizza “casserole-deep-dish” thing we’re still planning on doing this week.

Much Love,

Fruit Killer

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Happy MoFo’ing!

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