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Vegan Mofo: Day Twenty-Six


Vegan Month of Food: Day Twenty-Six

Talk about the best T-day ever! I didn’t take one single snapshot of food yesterday. We were too hungry to wait any longer as we served dinner an hour later than what we guesstimated. But what a meal it was!

I’d have to say the stuffing and the apple strudel were the biggest hits, but everything was delicious! Dandies vegan marshmallows were AMAZING on the candied yams and using sprouted bread for the stuffing really made it heartier than normal. My mushroom gravy turned into a masterpiece when I used both organic mushrooms and organic mushroom stock. Literate Zombie’s smashed potatoes were seasoned perfectly and leaving the skin on the potatoes made it super rustic.

The leftovers were completely obliterated overnight. I believe we have a can of black olives and stuff to make salad so this is most likely what will be happening for dinner this evening. Maybe I can convince the Literate Zombie to pick up a loaf after work so we can have some yummy garlic bread along with the salad. He made this AWESOME ranch[ish] dressing yesterday with tofu and herbs and Vegenaise that was out of this world!

I am very happy to say that we  are not out fighting the crowds in the name of commercialism. Instead, we are here, veging out so-to-speak before he goes into work tonight. The holiday was a lot of fun with roommates and bandmates alike, coming over to hang out, eat and play music. We both are truly blessed 🙂

Come back for some actual meal pictures and a write up of how convincing I was to get some garlic bread added to tonight’s dinner!


Instead of salad and garlic bread, we ended up having organic mushroom sandwiches with tomatoes, avocado slices, Nayonaise, stone ground mustard, fresh cracked pepper dipped into Literate Zombie’s ranch[ish] dressing leftover from Thanksgiving. And since I’ve been a bit stingy with the pictures lately, here are some of tonight’s dinner:


Chef Snack

Tomato covered with Literate Zombie's dressing

Smoky mushrooms stole the show tonight

Put avocado in anything and it's instantly better for some reason


Money Shot

I have no clue what we’re planning on having tomorrow. But when I find out, I’ll be sure to let you in on the secret!

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Much Love,

Fruit Killer

Happy MoFo’ing!

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